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Lift Gates

Hubtore Grid - EN

To ensure that the path to a precisely fitting lift door or gate is a success, the team from Eitec accompanies you right from the beginning.

Our anodised alu-link-type aprons are used as a barrier-free lift gate, so that a robot can change the tool barrier-free when the lift gate is retracted.

Thanks to our robust design and tight, interlocked coordination with you, our lift gates are easy to integrate into your machine.

It is also possible to mount the protective gate sunk into the ground level. With the help of our standard transport device, assembly is very simple.

Systems with several lifting doors or gates can be implemented with our smart control system and current fieldbus or OPC-UA interfaces in consultation with you.

Send us a picture or a sketch with your doors and openings and we will send you a CAD model including an offer for a suitable lift gate.