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EITEC Cover Systems

EITEC, based in Taicang, produces innovative and high quality protection systems. Since its foundation in Germany in 1992, EITEC has continuously increased its services and has established itself as a competent manufacturer of cover systems.

Our mechanical protection system has been developed to protect the machine tool as much as possible from wood chips, coolants, chemicals and mineral oils, thus significantly extending cleaning and maintenance intervals. Our cover systems help our customers to significantly reduce the risk of accidents and associated business interruptions.

Among our customers are well-known national and international machine tool manufacturers, robot manufacturers, packaging machinemanufacturers and palletizer manufacturers.

In addition to the production and sale of standard protection systems, EITEC develops and designs technologically convincing complete systems, which are also manufactured to customer specifications. Depending on requirements, customer-oriented solutions are produced in the shortest possible time, thoroughly tested before delivery. EITEC's solution approach pays off: There is no need to coordinate individual parts and our complete systems guarantee optimum results.

Extensive Range of Services

EITEC's extensive product range includes not only way wipers for slideways and alu apron link covers, but also roll-away covers, bellows, steel covers and telescopic springs. EITEC knows the market and will continue to test all new technologies for you and, if necessary, include them in its range of services.

Continuous Innovation

EITEC produces and distributes high-quality protection systems that meet the highest standards and reflect the latest international scientific and technical developments. This is guaranteed by our own development, production and marketing of technologies.

Sound Advice

EITEC's friendly and competent service team in the office and in the field will be happy to support you with detailed, personal and telephone advice. EITEC is always the right partner for you, even for special requests - because flexibility and full service is our program.

Rolling Gates

EITEC offers a selection of roller doors or roll-up covers with different aluminum apron profiles.

Lift Gates

To ensure that the path to a precisely fitting lift door or gate is a success, the team from EITEC accompanies you right from the beginning.

Pit Covers

For your perfect pit cover, our engineers will gladly construct the optimal for you.

Roof Covers

Through our many years of experience, we offer you the best protection from above.

German Quality

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